(Last updated 10/2/16)


First and foremost, I am a wife, homemaker, mother, and teacher of my own children. That is my vocation. Everything else is an avocation to one degree or another. Much of my time is spent on those ordinary homemaking tasks that women have done (for the most part, pace the feminists, happily) for most of human history--cleaning, cooking, and caring for the practical needs of my family. Living as I do (lucky me) in 21st century America, I get to obtain food by the relatively simple expedient of driving to nearby stores and shopping, but this still takes a fair bit of time.


Homeschooling two children at home (my eldest child is an adult) is a responsibility I would not be without. I recommend home schooling highly and urge all intelligent parents who love their young children at least to teach them to read, using phonics, even if the hapless children are then turned over to a public school for the rest of their education. I don’t write a whole lot about various home schooling methods, but I have written some phonics material for young children, available here. Please do give me credit if you should reproduce the materials or recommend them to others.


Analytic epistemology is one of my most fun avocations. It was my work in philosophy that motivated the development of this site years ago, because I wanted a place to post my curriculum vitae and some papers and current work. Since I am a contributor to What’s Wrong with the World as well as to a personal blog, I thought it would be just as well if readers could find me on the web and get some sense of what I have done philosophically. Occasionally someone in philosophy asks me, “Who are you, exactly?” That means that they want to see my vitae, so here it is. Currently my purely philosophical interests are focused on formal epistemology and probability theory.


I am (as readers of my various blog posts know) politically very conservative and opinionated. The murder of the innocent, born and unborn, seems to me a crux of our time. If we don’t get it right when it comes to protecting innocent human beings from horrific slaughter—and we are getting it disastrously wrong, and worse all the time—our society will go to hell in a handbasket quite soon. Another crux is the sanctity of marriage and the nature of human sexuality, and on that issue, too, the skies are very dark in the West. Grousing about the evils in the world (many, but unfortunately not all, caused by liberals and their ilk) is one of the things I do most of in what spare time I have. Probably I should do less of it.


I’m an entirely traditional Christian—deity of Christ, resurrection, the whole works. Raised a fundamentalist Baptist, I’m now a member of a continuing Anglican church. Continuing Anglicans use the 1928 Prayer Book and do not ordain women. Hymnody is also one of my interests. I’ve had the enormous privilege of learning most of the hymns found in any old-fashioned Baptist hymnal and, since I’ve been in the continuing Anglican church, adding to that many wonderful Anglican hymns that I’d never known before. My kids are, of course, learning them all too. I hold a hymn sing at my house for homeschooling families and other Christian friends every six weeks to two months.


At this particular time I am also getting ready to publish a book on the argument from undesigned coincidences which supports the reliability of the Gospels and Acts. This foray into biblical studies and apologetics publishing is new to me with a publisher (it has been accepted by DeWard Publishing), though I have many blog posts out there on these topics, as well as a couple of Youtube videos. I hope that the book, to be called Hidden in Plain View, will be available for purchase by the summer of 2017.