This is the entry page for my phonics lessons.


For early lessons for the new or young reader, with several chapters of instructions for beginning to teach your child to read, click here.


For a much larger PDF of later lessons, from easy to quite difficult, click here. This document does have an underlying OCR layer and is searchable, despite being scanned. The search will not work on the earlier pages (about the first hundred pages), which are hand-printed. There is, I'm afraid, no table of contents for this PDF of lessons, and there are no teaching instructions to go with them. They are simply scans of lessons I made, mostly on an old computer, for my daughters as they got older and gradually needed work on harder and harder phonics concepts. One idea for finding the phonics material you need might be to search for particular words that represent phonics concepts you need to drill. For example, if you need to drill -tion words, you might try searching for words like "direction" or "intention," and then browse the surrounding lessons when you find the word. Parents, feel free to print and use this material, but as with the young reader material, please do not distribute it in a way that implies that it is your own. Virtually all the stories were written by me or at least adapted by me from other material. The slightly stilted quality some of them have arises from the attempt to use words related to a particular phonics concept. You should usually be able to tell what that is, and sometimes there are word lists before or after the story that make it even clearer. Later lessons introduce Mr. Sound-It Rabbit, who "teaches" the student. The lessons often address particular children; you may want to copy or adapt them for your own children, which is not a problem from my perspective at all. (My thanks to Jason Theume for the scanning work and to Tim McGrew for help with the top-notch scanner and for the OCR layer.)