In the course of doing research for two articles on some legal aspects of the Terri Schiavo, I have managed to find versions of the testimony of all witnesses at the 2000 trial regarding Terri’s wishes. I consider these to be important historical documents and have been disturbed at how hard they are to find. News stories on the case give only fragmentary versions of what the witnesses said. One person inexplicably took down access to an entire site after she discovered that it was possible to find some of this witness testimony at that site, though she herself had originally put up the links.


My articles on this topic are "The Illegal Death of Terri Schiavo" in The Christendom Review and "Road to a Kill," Touchstone Magazine, June, 2009, pp. 44-47. I use the trial transcripts in both articles.



The first three links below are to PDF versions of the testimony of three witnesses at the 2000 trial. These three have particular significance, because the judge in the case depended especially heavily on the testimony of Scott Schiavo and Joan Schiavo but discounted the testimony of Diane Meyer on, I believe, very insufficient grounds.


The fourth link is to the entire testimony transcript in a searchable form. I am indebted for this material to Atty. Joe Bell. He had received the transcript in PDF from Atty. Pat Anderson, and he went to the trouble to convert it all into a searchable form. This version duplicates the three separately linked testimonies, but it also contains the testimony of Michael Schiavo and Mrs. Schindler along with several others.


It is my hope that when someone else is trying to find this material and Googles “Schiavo” and “transcripts,” or “Diane Meyer” and “transcript,” he will be able to find what he is looking for here. For the sake of the record, this material needs to be preserved and accessible.


Diane Meyer: Transcript of testimony at 2000 Schiavo trial


Scott Schiavo: Transcript of testimony at 2000 Schiavo trial


Joan Schiavo: Transcript of testimony at 2000 Schiavo trial


Full transcript of witness testimony